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Orinoco Family

The Orinoco Bowls feature a sleek comtemporary design that is sure to compliment patio or terrace. The wide berth of the Orinoco Bowls make many things possible - water feature, rock garden, floating candles, planted with your favourite plant or even as a contemporary table top planter. The 30' and 40' bowls include a full rubber stopper, as well as a perforated stopper for the purpose of feeding pump cables through the bottom. Perfect for water gardens. The Orinoco Bowls are portable for use indoors and outdoors.

They come with a 10 year limited warranty

Orinoco Family Colours:
Old Bronze Ref14
Caviar Black Ref94
Weathered Concrete Ref92
Rust Ref33
Orinoco Family Sizes:
Orinoco 22” Bowl A4655
Orinoco 30” Bowl A4680
Orinoco 40” Bowl A46100
Product Height Base Top
Orinoco 22" 21.00cm 21.00cm 54.50cm
Orinoco 30" 30.50cm 42.00cm 80.75cm
Orinoco 40" 38.15cm 52.00cm 101.00cm